Gangster Squad

It is finally here!!! The movie I have been patiently waiting for, for months. “Gangster Squad.” Which show cases and all-star cast including Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling.

Gangster Squad

In anticipation I have decided to do a makeup tutorial on Emma Stones character, Grace Faraday. The setting, 1940’s, which is the perfect era for true glamour and sex appeal.


Sean Penn plays real life gangster, Mickey Cohen, who was taken down by a LAPD squad, properly titled ‘Gangster Squad.’

Quick Facts: mickey cohen

Mickey Cohen was born September 4th, 1913. He was born into a Jewish family, and lived in Brooklyn NY working a paper route with his two brothers. Cohen started an illegal boxing career as a teenager. This garnered his move to the west coast, and he continued into professional boxing as a Los Angeles resident.  After having a knock out fight with World featherweight Champion, Tommy Paul, he earned the nickname ‘Gangster Mickey Cohen.’ The year was 1931, and the loss of this fight took him back to NY, and finally to Chicago.  There, Mickey found employment within the gambling ring operated by the Chicago Outfit. Mobster Al Capone ran this organization, and ties were quickly made.

After a brief time in prison, due to Mickey killing several gangsters over a card game gone wrong, Cohen moved back to Cleveland. Cleveland offered little work, and a move back to California was suggested by a long time friend, Lou Rothkopf.

Once in California Mickey was asked to observe a man by the name of Bugsy Siegel. It was during this time that the two became friends, and set up the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Mickey began running the hotel, and ran its sports book operation. Unfortunately, for Bugsy, the Mobster families ordered his murder due to the fact that he mismanaged the Flamingo Hotel, and was skimming money. Mickey did not take Bugsys death well, and had a violent reaction to it. It was recorded that he walked into the Hotel Roosevelt, and fired shots (from a .45 automatic) asking the men responsible to meet him outside. No one showed.

In 1950 Mickey was imprisoned for tax evasion, and spent four years in the slammer. After his time was served he emerged, and became a popular celebrity owning many establishments within Los Angeles. Mickey would serve prison time again, but this time in Alcatraz for continued tax evasion. There a jail mate attempted killing him with a lead pipe, and failed. Mickey was released in 1972, and started traveling the country speaking about prison abuse.

Mickey Cohen passed away in his sleep in 1976.

Interesting side notes:

  • Frank Sinatra asked Mickey Cohen to have an acquaintance of the time stop dating his ex-wife Ava Gardner.
  • Mickey Cohen met Billy Graham who shared the gospel with him.
  • He dated famous burlesque dancer Tempest Storm. tempest storm

(For more information please read Wikipedia.)

Emma Stones Character:gangster-squad-emma-stone

Emma Stone plays Grace Faraday, the seductive girlfriend of Mickey Cohen. As I have not yet seen the film I am unable to give any more information than that. However, I have broken down the makeup look, and possible makeup techniques.

gangster-squad-emma-stone-2It’s easy to see that the ‘look’ for her character is very reminiscent of the time period the film is set in. Given that a darker lip is added in her evening scenes. Her skin is flawless, and the blush is subtle. Emphasis is placed on the lips, and eyes.

For foundation choices I recommend a medium to full coverage makeup. Use a product that has a semi-matte finish. Conceal as needed to cover additional redness, under eye circles, and blemishes. Make sure to set makeup with a pressed or loose powder. In this tutorial I am wearing Revlon foundation and mineral powder which I will list accordingly.

Enjoy the tutorial, and go in Gansta fashion when you do see this awesome movie that will sure to become a cult classic.

Angel-a old gangster 2

Products used:


Foundation Primer- Merle Norman SPF15

Foundation, Revlon colorstay Normal/Dry Liquid- Ivory

Powder, MAC Mineralize skinfinish pressed- Light and Bare Minerals Loose Orginial Foundation- Golden Fair

Benefit Erase Paint under eye concealer

Lancome Blush- Sheer Amourose


Bare Minerals Eye Primer

MAC eyeshadows in Vapour, Patina, Mylar, How to Marry, and Carbon

Naked Palette- Naked

Stila Stay in Place liquid eyeliner (Felt tip) Black

Tart Mascara Primer

Mascara Dior Show Blackout

Fake lashes, Eylure Katy Perry in Sweetie Pie


Merle Norman Lip Pencil Plus- Hussy

MAC lipstick- Russian Red